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- Caffeine Club mugs -

The jewel in the crown is back - and in two colours!

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We consider ourselves coffe lovers.
The Caffeine Club is our way of expressing our feelings for caffeine, with a clothing line based on it and also with a brief coffee shops guide.
Luckily, we are currently living the "third wave of coffee", where a lot of importance is given to the history behind each cup. This story is created by producers, importers, roasters and baristas.
So, in an "amateur" way, we visit the best coffee shops where we can enjoy and taste a good speciality coffee and we'll publish it here. In this way it can serve you as a guide ready for use whenever the mood for a good coffee takes you.
The "Specialty Coffee" is more than a movement and a product, almost a philosophy. Once you try the Specialty coffee there's no turning back... You'll see.

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