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About us

Hey, we are Jordi and Helena, and we are Untamed People Company TradeMark (UPCOTM).

how it all started?

Jordi always had a dream of creating his own clothing brand, but that's all it was...a dream. When we met, we often fantasized about the idea, but we each had our jobs, so in 2018 we decided to start UPCOTM just as a hobby. What happened is that we were enjoying like never before creating ideas and content for the brand, it represented us more and more and we were eager to work on it. Also, the people around us congratulated us on the results and encouraged us to keep at it. 

Starting a business is not easy. There are fears, uncertainties, nobody assures you success, you have to bet blindly. We thought about it, but we didn't dare. 

Crazy Together Till Death

Unfortunately, in 2020, a global pandemic began. Here we were confined in March 2020, our jobs were affected and that was the push we needed to jump into the deep end hand in hand. That's how we both left our respective jobs and decided to focus on UPCOTM 100%.

More or less, it was like this...

H: Phew... are you sure? We leave our jobs? both of us????
J: Hell yeah! Now or never!
H: What if it goes wrong?
J: At least we'll have tried.
H: AAAAH! I'm so nervous!!! It's crazy...
J: It's just that we're crazy.
H: Let's fight to death?
J: Crazy, together, till death.

(And from there, this is our motto)

UPCOTM is a representation of us: we are normal people, with a rebel touch. We enjoy the little pleasures of life, such as road trips in search of landscapes, watching thunderstorms in the early morning, reading in front of a fireplace on cold days, watching series on rainy days, eating well and good coffee. We love discovering small specialty coffee shops wherever we go, hiking in the mountains and enjoying life with Drac (our dog), our families and friends. 

This is what we like, this is what we do and this is what we want to transmit with UPCOTM, and all this in a style very influenced by flash tattoo and imperfect designs. 

We are also very conscious of the current state of our world, so we try to be as respectful as possible with the environment. We work with 100% organic or recycled products and as little plastic as possible (you can see more details about our sustainability HERE).

We know we are no big deal, but this is what makes us special. Simplicity and the reflection of our lives is what we embody in UPCOTM. 

We hope you want to join us and be part of this little club of life that we are forming :) 

Jordi and Helena.

More about us


Co-founder & CEO. After leaving her boring job in a real estate agency, she discovered her crazy passion for textile manufacturing. Her ambition does not stop and she is currently training as a pattern maker.


Co-founder & CEO. In 2008 he opened his first textile customization business. He specialized in fashion and sustainable fabrics, making hundreds of collections for different brands. Thanks to this, today we have the necessary experience to offer top quality garments.


Trainee intern. Playing pranks and braking balls since he arrived. He is also in charge of cheering up the team on bad days. Expert in bringing sticks back.

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